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Showcasing My Web Development Portfolio

Explore the art of my recent web designs and engage yourself in the stories told by my recent projects. From robust functionalities to sleek interfaces, each creation is a witness to my passion for crafting unique and amazing online experiences. Dive into a portfolio where aesthetics meet innovation, showcasing the power of a web developer and designer at its finest.

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About Siqbee Website Development

Passion fuels my work; I love what I do. Every design element and each line of code is a canvas for my creativity. I find joy in transforming ideas and bringing captivating digital experiences to life. My commitment is unwavering, fueled by my love for crafting unique websites. With every project, I bring dedication and enthusiasm, turning visions into reality. Join me on this journey where passion meets innovation.

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custom & scalable marketing solutions

Siqbee is operated by a trusted freelance web developer and designer based in Sindhudurg, India. The journey started in 2018 while I was still working in the corporate world. Siqbee has developed many websites during this time frame. Additionally, I have great experience in digital marketing.

Google Ads

At Siqbee, you will get the best CPC for your business. Let us bring good-fit customers and drive qualified traffic to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Professional And Local Seo Services When it comes to SEO, think about Siqbee as it leads in Local Seo Service with 100% professionalism.

Digital Marketing

Siqbee has studied how digital marketing is effective in every industry and connects the best customers to businesses online.

Website Development

Let’s add credibility to your business with a professional website. It’s your chance to show the world how successful your brand is.

Explore My Journey and Mission as a Website developer

My mission is to empower small businesses through my expertise in web design. I strive to transform your online presence in the best possible way to attract a larger audience and fuel growth. Imagine my website not just as a digital space but as a dynamic platform skillfully built to embody the very essence of your business. A virtual storefront tailored to drive sustainable growth and elevate your brand globally. It’s more than just visual appeal; it’s a strategic fusion of functionality and creativity. I stand as your partner to translate your vision into a fascinating digital experience. So let’s ride together on a journey where your online presence is not just a necessity but also a powerful tool for success. Discover the power of a web developer and designer who sets your business in the vast landscape of the digital world.

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Web Design and Development FAQ's

I’m reasonable with the price I offered you, and I offer quality, not quantity. You have contacted a web developer, and they said their price for the work they offer. I’m sure you are making a website to grow your business, and in today’s world, a website explains a lot about your business.

In short, your business is judged by the website, which is as beautiful, responsive, interactive, trusted, and secure as your business. So, I study every element of your business according to your client’s perspectives and make it easy for the visitors to convert them into your customers.

I understand that many have asked the same question before hiring a freelancer; even most businesses have faced many problems because they hired freelancers blindly and ended up being scammed. Sometimes I also have to delegate tasks to new freelancers, and I have the same thought.

This is not the case with Siqbee, a trustworthy website developer and freelancer. Many businesses trust it. Siqbee is available full-time Monday–Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The portfolio is the thing you can judge easily, showing my hard work and honesty for every project. I gave my 100% to complete every project on time to the client’s satisfaction. We ensure the best work is delivered. You can reach us easily and anytime. Also registered on Google Maps as Siqbee – Website Developer and Designer.

The clear answer is no; I am ready for your project to be complete from anywhere in the world. From the comfort of your home, give me a quote, and I’ll study about your business, brand, startup, etc. We are good to go virtually.

I have been working for many websites worldwide to make their businesses grow and bring them online.

Yeah, of course. If you plan on upgrading your business, let us do it together. I’ll add some of the best call-to-actions (CTA), pop-ups, forms, messaging bots, etc. There are many ways your website will be upgraded to the next level to leave your competitors behind and increase your website’s conversion rate.

I love to work with every sort of business. You’ll get the same skills and support you are searching for. I do the same quality work for all my clients, whether it’s a large company, a celebrity website, or a small business. You’ll be served with great care and support to give you your dream website.

Primarily, I am very eager to work for a local organization. I know some top strategies to grow online organisations and businesses faster.

professional website will give your business a stronger base, raise trust, and tell your clients what steps to take next. If you don’t have online perseverance for your business, you are intentionally losing a great opportunity to scale easily.


Yes, you can create your own website and share links with your clients. But in case you need a website with advanced functionalities like eCommerce, booking, great call-to-actions (CTAs), or beautiful designs, you need to hire a designer and developer for it. A website developer is vital if you need to optimize your website and increase your conversion rate.

Building a website is essential for every business, no matter what size it is. You can get no direct answers for the accurate price, but it will be anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 50,000. Asking a website developer who has experience building websites for small businesses can give you a perfect quotation for your business page according to the requirements, content, complexity, and size.
I would require your brand logo, contact details, brand details, and content. Website name, i.e., example.com. Just wait for magic, and your website will live in a few days.
  • The five types of websites are:

  1. Small business Websites
  2. Personal Websites
  3. Portfolio Websites
  4. Ecommerce Websites
  5. Blog Websites

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