An award-winning Web Developer and Designer

As a creative web developer, I bring unique solutions to digital challenges. Committed to excellence, I deliver websites that captivate and perform with precision. My expertise lies in coding and designing, ensuring a seamless user experience. I stay ahead of industry trends to implement cutting-edge features in my projects. With a keen eye for design, I craft visually appealing and functional websites. 

what makes me different

the codes i live by

creativity & Innovation

I redefine digital experiences with a fusion of boundless creativity and cutting-edge innovation.

integrity & trust

Fostering transparent and reliable partnerships in every web development and design endeavor.

brand-first Approach

Sculpting digital experiences that seamlessly align with and elevate your unique brand identity.

Love Digital​

Reflecting a genuine ‘Love for Digital‘ that fuels innovation and excellence.

going the extra mile

Ensure your digital experience is not just exceptional but exceeds expectations by crafting websites that leave a lasting impact.


Collaboration is not just a process; it’s the cornerstone of crafting tailored web solutions that reflect your vision and goals.

I am a full-time web designer and a professional developer based in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, with over three years of experience working on websites and every element. I have started Siqbee.in with the motive of providing website development and related services.

Increasing your revenue by going online is my only aim. I don’t only build websites that look good; I build websites that make sales. I have worked with clients from many countries like LeakStory, ScientificPost, chezgigis, etc. I haven’t wanted to stop here. My services vary for all my clients from all sizes, industries, countries, and categories, like startups, enterprises, medium-scale businesses, and individual business persons.

Here I am alone, and as someone with great experience in the digital field, I also have good ad management, local and professional SEO services, and digital marketing, so we can stick together even after creating your web page.

No matter where you are in India, the UAE, the United States, or anywhere outside Sindhudurg,. Never hesitate to contact me. I am here at Siqbee, available every time to discuss business and bring your dreams to reality; thus, distance should not stop you. I have many clients based outside India whom I haven’t even met in real life, but I’m connected through online modes. Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Google Meet. I have completed every client’s project outside of Sindhudurg on time and professionally.

All I need is your trust. Be assured that your project is in professional hands.

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